Supported Browsers

Best Performance

For international users in China, we recommend the UC Browser for the best experience.

Safari (MacOs)

Safari is the default browser that comes with your Mac. The latest versions of Safari should run well, especially if you ensure that it is kept updated. However, if you are running on an older operating system (prior to 2014, pre OS X Yosemite), we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience.

Download the latest version of Safari:


Microsoft Edge

Edge is the latest default browser that comes with Microsoft Windows 10+. For best performance, please ensure that Edge is kept updated.

Download the latest version of Edge:

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is an older, legacy browser that was the default browsers for older versions of Microsoft Windows. The last version—version 11—does have some capability to play our game but your experience may not be the best.

If you primarily use Internet Explorer, we recommend switching to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.


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