In-Game Settings (Mobile Devices)

Settings for our games are located at the top right corner, depicted by a gear icon or three horizontal lines.

Options to toggle animations and sounds, log out and go back to the account selection screen, as well as letting you check on your Player ID.

  • Turning animations on and off are mostly for players using a laptop or PC to reduce any lag that may come from lower end devices.
  • Sound effects can be managed in one of two ways. Normally using the device's volume keys do most of the work. Within our application, there is an option for Sounds that can be toggled on or off depending on your style! To do this, click or tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the game's main lobby screen and select Sounds. Performing this action should restore or take away the game sounds respectively, and should not affect your default volume settings for your other applications. Please be advised that some devices automatically lower or even mute the sound on your device when connecting an audio output device to protect your hearing (i.e. headphones).
  • Log Off/Sign Out options will allow you to go back to the account selections screen on mobile devices.
  • To find your Player ID in this section, you may have to swipe or scroll downwards to find the ID as well as the version of the game.

You may also find the option of Restore Purchases. This is for legacy mobile players only and will help restore purchased slots, if available, to their Facebook-safeguarded account. It's mostly used by players who switch mobile devices consistently to allow for seamless play after upgradi

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