Suggestions for Improving Game Stability

We have a few general recommendations that we suggest all users try when the game misbehaves. Working with the technology available, we strive to produce the smoothest and best experience. However, due to a variety of factors outside of our control, sometimes technical hiccups occur. Most of the time when the game doesn’t behave as it should – things like: skipping or jerky reels, slow or sluggish response, mismatched sounds, or failure to load – you can try a few diagnostics steps for quick resolution!

Try these recommendations if you are using a handheld device such as an Android, Apple or Amazon phone or tablet:

  • Your device is switching from one reception point to another.
    • This can be common while traveling as you may switch between data towers while in transit. You may also encounter this if you are at the edge of your Wi-Fi zone as many devices will try to switch to the most reliable source available (2.4Ghz to 5Ghz) when stability drops. Aim for a full signal at all times for the best play stability.
  • Setting your router to provide one type of signal (b, g, or n type) can increase stability.
    • Consult your router manual if applicable.
  • The profile in use has logged-in in another location.
    • If you play on Facebook, this may indicate that another player has access to your account somewhere else be it on another phone or public computer.
  • Make sure other inactive applications are closed, as this may cause the device to partition its resources amongst multiple applications on the background.
    • Please consult your device's user guide on how to fully close an application.

Performing regular maintenance on your device is the best way to prevent issues while gaming online!

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