Suggestions for Improving Game Stability

We have a few general recommendations that we suggest all users try when the game misbehaves. Working with the technology available, we strive to produce the smoothest and best experience. However, due to a variety of factors outside of our control, sometimes technical hiccups occur. Most of the time when the game doesn’t behave as it should – things like: skipping or jerky reels, slow or sluggish response, mismatched sounds, or failure to load – you can try a few diagnostics steps for quick resolution!

 1. Close other programs, all other browsing tabs, and the web browser.

  • Reopen your web browser back up and navigate directly to the game without any other tabs or programs running and try again.

2. Try a different web browser.

  • If a different web browser displays the game as it should right away, it’s an indication some settings or technical data in your first browser is causing the problem.

3. Clear your web browser’s recent browsing and cache information.

4. If on a laptop, ensure that the Power Options of your device is set to High Performance.

  • Go to your device's Control Panel and select the Power Options setting. Select the power plan with the highest performance settings that do not compromise or lower the use of the graphics and central processing units of your device.

5. If you Flash Player is out of date, please update your Flash Player here.


Our best general recommendation is to....

fully exit the game if you are going away for a more than a few minutes - don't leave the game idle!


Performing regular maintenance on your computer and/or web browser is the best way to prevent issues while gaming online!

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